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Bottle Capper Parts

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Stiles Enterprises is a rubber and custom belting fabricator / distributor with a history in the packaging industry starting in the 1950s. 

Stock parts include a large inventory of belting / parts for cappers, labelers, unscramblers, fillers and other equipment.  

Our customers are worldwide.  We sell to End Users, Original Equipment Manufacturers, and Other Distributors.    

Standard Belting Products:

Drive, Timing, and Conveyor Belts : Standard and metric

Custom Fabricated And Top Covered Belting:

Belts can be padded with Fabric Wrapped Sponge (Slip Paw™ Belts for Bottle Unscramblers, Labelers ), Solid (Dense) Rubber, Open Cell Rubber, Closed Cell Rubber, and Micro cellular Rubber

BELTS FOR: Bottle Cappers, Labelers, Liquid Fillers, Cartoners, Bottle Unscramblers, Case Tapers, Extruders, Form Fill Seal Equipment

Table Top Slat Chain ♦ Conveyor Chain ♦ Plastic Modular Belting  

Custom Rubber Parts:   

Molded Rubber Parts: Resurfaced Rollers and Belts: Gaskets, Seals, Extruded Rubber Profiles, and Fabricated / Machined Parts Using Single Or Multiple Layers of Rubber Often Bonded To Other Mediums Such As Metal Or Plastic Plates Or Cores.

PTFE and Silicone Coated Fabric, Belts And Tape: 

Substrates Include Fiberglass, Kevlar®, Nomex®, Rayon and Polyesters

Used in Heat, Release, and Insulation Applications

Packaging Parts:

BAGGER: Vertical Bagger Belts, Blades, Vacuum Cups, Conveyor Belts, Modular Belting, PTFE Heat Bar Tape

BANDER: Pull Down Rubbers, Rollers fits Kalish® Banders

BLISTER AND CLAMSHELL PACKAGING: Fabric Impression And Smooth Reinforced Silicone Sheet, Vacuum Cups, PTFE Glass Sheet, PTFE Tape, Closed Cell Sponge

BOTTLE CLEANER / BOTTLE RINSER: White Sponge Inverter Discs To Fit Pneumatic Scale® Bottle Cleaners, Bottle Rinser Chain Rubbers, Pusher Belts, Resurfaced Rollers

BUNDLER / OVERWRAPPER: Resurfaced Rollers, PTFE Heat Bar Tape, Heat Bar Silicone Extrusion, Belts

CAPPER: Torque Wheels and Chuck Inserts, Bottle Gripper Rubbers, Mechanical Parts To Fit Resina® Cappers, Clutch Rings, Bottle Gripper Belts, Cap Tightening Belts, Spacer Wheels and Rubbers

CARTON SEALER / CASE TAPER: Side Belts, Rollers, Blades

CHECK WEIGHER: Side Belts, Elastic Stretch Belts, Resurfaced Rollers, Plastic Modular Belting

CODER / IMPRINTER: Sides Gripper Belts, Hot Stamp Anvils And Backup Pads, Control Print® Offset Rubber Tipped Coder Arms Resurfaced, Slat Top Conveyor Chain

FOLDER GLUER / TUBE WINDER / CARTONER: Belts, Resurfaced Rollers, Padded Belts, Vacuum Cups

HEAT TUNNEL: Curtain Material, Mesh PTFE Belts,  High Temperature Silicone Belts, Plastic Modular Belts, Silicone Extrusion, Roller Resurfacing

LABELER: Wrap Belts, Rollers, Roll Pads, Hot Stamp Anvils

LIQUID / CREAM FILLING: Seals, Spacer Washers, Side Belts, Slat Top Conveyor Chain, Chain And Belt Wear Strips

PAPER / COUPON FOLDER INSERTER: Resurfaced Rollers, Belts, Vacuum Cups

UNSCRAMBLER: Fabric Wrapped Slip Paw™ Belts, Bottle Orienter Pads, Rollers and Wheels, Pusher Wheel Rubber Insert Strips, Hopper Elevator Cleated Belts and Plastic Modular Belting, Table Top Slat Chain


Cutting Blades:

Case Taper Blades, Bagger Blades, Pickle Cutter Blades  

Specialty Seals:

Tablet Punch Seals  

Vacuum Cups: Standard & Custom Materials

Vacuum Cups For: Packaging Equipment, Printing Equipment, Paper and Cardboard Handling, Baking, Automated Equipment

Elevator Rubber Parts:

Stiles has been providing rubber parts for the Elevator Industry since the 1930s.  Parts supplied include our 1 inch thick Rubber Vibration Pads which are used primarily for isolating cabs. Also supplied are rubber bushings, extruded door astragals, and molded rubber parts.

Generally we require up to date drawings on required parts. Tooling and an in house extensive cross reference are available covering Westinghouse® Elevator rubber parts.

Although we have tooling on many items, most orders other than vibration pads are made to order requiring minimum quantities and not stocked.

Equipment Mounts:

Vib Pad™ Vibration Pads: 1 Inch Thick, 1/2 Inch Thick, and 3/8 Inch Thick

The Generator Foot™ mounts are used to isolate skid mounted generator sets.  These mounts consist of a studded adapter plate over one or more one inch thick Stiles Vib Pad™. The adaptor plates with 1/2 inch non-threaded studs were originally designed by a large western Caterpillar® dealer to utilize our one inch thick vibration pads.