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Solid Rubber Covered Industrial Belting


  • Packaging
  • Assembly Press Belts
  • Product Handling Belts
  • Extruder Draw Belts
  • Mail Handling Belts

Base Belts:

  • Timing Belts
  • Flat Belts
  • V-Belts
  • Profile Belts

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Solid (Dense) Rubber Covered Belting

Most of the belts with solid (dense) rubber extra padding that Stiles supplies are mandrell built with seamless covers.

We carry a large stock of metric and standard timing belts and flat belts in sleeves and precut sizes. Our stock addresses the requirements on many of the packaging machines with which we are familiar. Orders for these belts are either shipped from stock or slit to size and machined to specification.

Belts with seamless covers are preferred because they are bi-directional, and do not have a surface splice which can become a failure point. Bonding to the base belt is generally more consistent and stronger. Unfortunately not all covered belts can be made with seamless covers either because of cost restraints, delivery requirements, availability of materials, or compatibility between the base belt and the cover stock.

Stiles has been adding spliced belt covers onto base belts for decades.

Most common of the solid rubbers used are black 20A durometer Neoprene and the red 40A durometer Linatex®. We have a large inventory of materials and thicknesses with which to build the covered belts.

Although we have concentrated on the packaging industry, customers in the automotive industry, metal working industry, extrusion industry and varied other industries have come to Stiles to provide covered belt solutions for sometimes unique applications. Specialty belting from Stiles is standard on many new machines in the packaging industry. We manufacture new and resurfaced belts for labeling machines with cellular and solid (dense) rubber . Your feed and discharge belts, roll belts, and hold down belts are items that may have originated at Stiles. We stock materials from around the world to make our belts, and other parts from.

We can add bevels, contours and release or protective coatings.

Layered construction can provide a thin layer of outer contact material bonded to a different base material. The specified base material may provide the desired deflection or cushioning, but may not give the right amount of grip, wear out to quickly, or not be resistant to other elements, such as chemicals in the operating environment. A different wear surface material can often address those other concerns.

Belt Cover Drawing

New Belts

Provide us with as much information as possible about the belt. If available give the type of belt, belt number and material. For belting which has to be spliced endless, laced, or prepared endless, make sure to let us know whether the length is the cut length, inside length around the pulleys, or the outside length. Using length measured on the machine around the outside of covered belts is discouraged. Provide original equipment cross reference numbers if possible. Application information is very important.

Recovered Belts

Generally it is not worth resurfacing solid rubber covered belts. Before disposing of your old belt, send it to Stiles to duplicate.

Running Direction

If a belt has a spliced cover and is intended to be bi-directional, the splice selection is critical since some splices are directional by design. Custom insets and profiles should be referenced according to the running direction. For seamless covers this direction reference is not relevant for most simple profiles and steps.

Material Selection

This is another situation where application information is helpful. We can send sample cards which will aid material selection. Please review our material link. Note that if a material is discontinued we will advise on a substitute solution.

Storage And Care Of Belts

When belts are first received they should be removed immediately from the shipping container, inspected, and stored in a relaxed state free of localized stress points which can cause some materials to dent or crease.

Store away from extreme heat or direct light. To extend inventory shelf life it is suggested to protect belts in black garbage bags if "UV" resistant bags are not available.

If belts are to be hung, use a large diameter tube to hang the belts from to avoid the belt taking a set. This is not as much of a problem with solid covered belts as with cellular covered belts.


It should be noted that solvents used for cleaning belts can cause adverse reaction to the belt covers such as drying out the material and breaking down any bonded seams.

See Belt Care link below.

Below is a small sampling of some of the types of solid covered belts that we have made. Use Part Numbers as a general reference only. Your belt may look the same, but dimensions and materials may differ slightly from your application.

Belt Care
Let Stiles Resurface Your Worn Label Belts, Pads, And Rollers
Cover Splices
Wrap Belts • Pressure Rollers • Feed Rollers • Glue Rollers • Vacuum Cups • Label Roll Pads • Hold Down Belts

Drawing: C1

AB-00901-ASE Seamless

  • Replace 20R311 45 Inch x 1.813 Inch Wide (1143mm x 44mm)
  • Standard Compound
  • Fits: White Cap® Capper
AB-00901 Gray Covered Belt To Fit White Cap® Bottle Capper


AC-02663-ACT: Seamless Cover With Ground Teeth

  • Replaces 833504-2
  • 24 Inch x 1 Inch Wide x 3/4 Thick
  • Fits: Resina® Fitman
AC-02663 Covered Timing Belt With Teeth To Replace Resina Fitman® #833504-2 Belt;

Drawing: C1


  • 425-5m/16 belt Covered with White 3.17mm Thick
ND-13718-AVQ  425-5m/16 belt Covered with White 3.17mm Thick

Drawing: C1

ACU Seamless Blue Rubber Covered Flat Belt

  • Labeler Belt
ACU Seamless Covered Label Machine Belt


AEY Seamed Cover Per Customer Specification

  • Ref Linatex 40A
Linatex Covered Labeler Belt Per Customer Specicications

Drawing: C3 - C4

ACU Seamless Cover Per Customer Specification

  • Covered with Blue Natural Rubber
Blue Natural Rubber Covered Labeler Belt Per Customer Specicications

Drawing: C1

Seamless White Covered Timing Belt

  • Capper Belt
Seamless White Covered Capper Timing Belt

Drawing: C1

Seamless Green Rubber Covered Flat belt

Seamless Green Rubber Covered Belt

Drawing: C1

Seamless Rough Top Textured Surface Flat Belt

Seamless Rough Top Belt

Drawing: C1

Seamless White Rubber Covered Flat Belt

Seamless White Rubber Covered Flat Belt

Drawing: C1

Seamless White Rubber Covered Flat belt

Seamless White Rubber Covered Flat Belt

Drawing: C3 - C4

ACU Rubber Seamless Covered Flat Belt With Custom Ground Surface

  • Labeler Belt
ACU Seamless Blue Rubber Covered Custom Ground Label Belt

Drawing: C1

ABL With Seam Covered Flat Belt

  • Labeler Belt
ABL Seamed Rubber Covered Label Belt

Drawing: C1

AVQ Seamless White Covered Timing Belt

  • Capper Belt
AVQ Seamless White Covered Capper Belt

Drawing: C1

ACU Seamless Covered Timing Belt

ACU Blue Seamless Rubber Covered Belt

Drawing: C3 - C4

AEY With Cover Seam Inset On (1) Side Of Timing Belt

  • Labeler Belt
AEY Red Rubber Covered Labeler Belt Inset Per Customer Specification

Drawing: C1 Modified

ALC Seamless Covered Timing Belt With Cross Grooves

ALC Seamless Covered Belt With Cross Grooves

Drawing: C1

AOF Seamless Covered Timing Belt

  • Capper Belt
AOF Seamless Covered Capper Belt

Drawing: C3 - C4

ABN With Cover Splice - Inset

  • Labeler Belt
Labeler Timing Belt Covered With Inset ABN Material With Seam

Drawing: C1

ALK Seamless

  • Labeler Belt
Timing Belt Covered With Seamless AKL Material

Drawing: C1

AEY With Cover Splice

Urethane Timing Belt Covered With Seamed Linatex

Drawing: C1

ASF Seamless Covered Timing Belt

Drawing: C1

AKK Seamless Covered Timing Belt


AEY Covered V-Guide Timing Belt With Cover Seam And Custom Top Profile

Linatex Covered Urethane Timing Belt With Surface Grooves Per Customer Specifications


AUA Seamless Covered Timing Belt With Custom Profile

  • Cartoner Belt
Cartoning Machine Urethane Belt

Drawing: C1

AJR Covered V-Belt With Cover Seam

V-Belt With Seamed Cover

Drawing: C1

AKY Seamless Covered Belt

  • Bagger Belt
Bagger Belt

Drawing: C1

AEY Covered V-Guide Belt With Cover Seam

  • Bottle Unscrambler Belt
2 Inch Wide Bottle Unscrambler Belt Covered With Spliced Linatex

Drawing: C1

ANT Covered V-Guide Belt With Cover Seam

  • Bottle Unscrambler Belt
Bottle Unscrambler Belt Covered With Spliced Solid Rubber Cover

Drawing: C1

AEY Covered Twin-V Belt With Cover Seam

  • Bottle Unscrambler Belt
Twin V-Belt Linatex Covered With Splice