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Urethane Round Belting

Urethane Round Belting

  • Food Approved
  • Standard Duty
  • With And Without Reinforcement
  • Endless Or Coil
Urethane Twin V-Belts

Urethane Twin V-Belts Cross Sections

  • 3L Twin: 15/16" Wide x 17/64" High
  • A Twin: 1-3/16"Wide x 5/16" High
  • With Or Without Strength Cord
  • Coil or Spliced To Length
  • Available With Extra Rubber Padding
Urethane V-Belts

Urethane V-Belts

  • Standard Profiles: A ♦ B ♦ C ♦ D
  • Twin Profile: A ♦ B ♦ C
  • With Or Without Strength Cord
  • Coil or Spliced To Length
  • Available With Extra Rubber Padding
Urethane Rough Top Belts

Rough Top Urethane Belts

  • Rubber Parts
  • Belting
  • Table Top Chain
  • Seals ♦ Gaskets
Urethane Top Profile V-Belts

Urethane V-Belts: Extra Top Profile

  • T-Top V-Belt
  • Crown Top V-Belt
  • Ridge Top V-Belt
  • Ribbed Top V-Belt
  • Wing Top V-Belt
Extruded Urethane Flat Belting

Urethane Flat Belting

  • Solid polyurethane construction
  • Independently tested and verified to meet FDA standards for direct food contact
  • 85 Shore A durometer polyurethane belting
  • High elasticity; no take-ups required
  • light-duty power transmission applications
Link Tab Belts

Link Tab Belts

  • Belts Can Be Quickly Made Endless In Place With No Tools
  • Enables Belt Replacement Without Disassembling Idler / Pulleys
  • Reduce Belt Inventory
  • Typically Non-Marking
  • Replaces V- Belts And Some Round Belts
  • Available in 3L, A/4L, B/5L, C , D Section Profiles
  • Degrees of Strength, Grip And Slip For Varied Applications
Twisted O-Ring Belts / Quick Connect Round Belts

Quick Connect Urethane Belt

  • Easily Installed Without Dismantling Drive Shafts
  • Plastic Or Metal Hook / Connectors Join Ends To Make Endless Belts
  • for Live Roller Conveyors
  • No Splicing Equipment Required
Urethane O-Ring Belts For Live Roller Conveyors

Urethane O-ring Belts

  • Replacement O-rings for line shaft, live roller conveyors and light-duty transfer conveyors.
Quick Connect Urethane Round Belts

Round Hollow Quick Connect Urethane Belts

  • Belt Replacement with minimal down time
  • No Splicing Equipment Required