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Inch Pitch Timing Belts

Inch Pitch Timing Belts

  • XL ♦ 1/5 Inch Tooth Pitch
  • L ♦ 3/8 Inch Tooth Pitch
  • H ♦ 1/2 Inch Tooth Pitch
  • XH ♦ 7/8 Inch Tooth Pitch
Urethane Timing Belts

Urethane Timing Belts

  • Inch Pitch ♦ Metric ♦ HTB
  • Truly Endless ♦ Spliced Endless
  • Steel Cord ♦ Kevlar® Cord
  • Plain Tooth ♦ Covered Teeth
Metric Timing Belts

Metric Timing Belts

  • 5T ♦ 5 mM Tooth Pitch
  • 10T ♦ 10 mM Tooth Pitch
  • 20T ♦ 20 mM Tooth Pitch
Urethane Timing Belts With Profiles and V-Guides

Timing Belts With V-Guides

  • For Tracking / Registration
  • Standard Profiles
  • Urethane Belts
High Torque HTB Belts

High Torque HTB® Belts

  • 3 mM Tooth Pitch
  • 5 mM Tooth Pitch
  • 8 mM Tooth Pitch
  • 14 mM Tooth Pitch
High Horsepower Tiger® HTB Belts

High Horsepower Construction Tiger® HTB® Belts

  • Horsepower rating up to 3X the standard HTB belts
  • Runs On HTB and RPP Pullies
Mechanical Pin Spliced Timing Belts

Mechanical Pin Splice

  • Not Available For Drive Belts
  • For Comon Pitches: H, T10, AT10, AT20, 8MM, 14MM
  • Fast Installation
  • Shipment Approximately 3 weeks
Hinge Joint Timing Belts

HabaSYNC® Hinge Joint Timing Belts

  • stainless steel joint integrated in the belt and connected with Metal Pin
  • Pitches- T10, AT10, H and HTD8M
  • Shipment Approximately 8 Weeks
Platinum Synchronous Belts

Platinum® Dual Core High Performance Synchronous Belts

  • Highest Belt Tension And Length Stability
  • Higher power Capacity and fatigue resistance
  • Increased resistance to abrasion and tooth shear Under Pulse Loads
  • Working Temp:-31° F (-35° C) to 239° F (115° C)
  • Works On Following Pulleys:HTD®, RPP®,PCGT®,Power Grip® GT2®
Belt Pullies

Belt Pulleys