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Applications: Parts To Fit Form Fill Seal Equipment manufactured by:

  • Bosch®
  • EaglePack®
  • Fuji®
  • Hayssen®
  • Ishida®
  • Matrix®
  • Package Machinery®
  • Pacmac®
  • Ricciarelli®
  • Rovema®
  • Sandiacre®
  • Ilapak®
  • Simionato®
  • TNA®
  • Triangle®
  • Kliklok-Woodman®
  • Others

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Bagger Pull Down / Draw Belts

For some reason your bagger belts are not grabbing. We might be able to help with a different cover material compound, or by adding cross cuts. Whether it is coffee or snacks the chances are pretty good that Stiles has had some experience with your bagging application. Below is a sampling of belts which we have supplied for bagging applications. When you order your belts, don't forget to check on your heat tape, resurfaced rollers, and cutting blades.

Below is a small sampling of some of the bagger belts that we provided. Use Part Numbers as a general reference only. Your belt may look the same, but dimensions and materials may differ slightly from your application.

Check With Stiles For Your Bagger Blades
Bagger Belts • Bagger BladesPTFE Tape • Silicone Strips



KA-12765-AND Label Belt



AL-02627 Cross Cut Bagger Belt



KC-13153-ALA Label Belt



KD-12428-ACU Label Belt



KD-12616-AEY Label Belt



KD-12808-ACU Label Belt


Yellow Pull Belt
Fits Bosch Bagger

Bosch Bagger Belt


Red Rubber Covered
Bagger Belt

KD-10148 Red Covered Bagger Belt


Orange Bagger
Draw Belt

Orange Bagger Belt



KE-11057-ADA-R Recover Label Belt


Bagger Belt
With Holes

KE-12322-AQI Label Belt


Slotted Bagger Belt

KE-12464-ALA Label Belt