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 Fabric Wrapped Bottle Orienter Pad

Parts To Fit:

  • NEM® Unscramblers
  • Kaps-All® Unscramblers
  • Other Unscramblers

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Orienter Pads to Fit NEM® Bottle Unscramblers

Stiles fabricated the first fabric wrapped unscrambler orienter pads in the 1980s. We angled and wrapped the pad's circumference to prevent bottles from damaging the edge and contain sponge particulation.

Standard thickness is 1/4 inch thick, but we also produce other thickness pads. We make all of the standard sizes and custom sizes.

For pad replacement, one of our larger customers said that their method was to heat the aluminum plate to remove the worn pad, and then to use CRC spray adhesive #030180 (Grainger # 13p445).

Below is a small sampling of some of the orienter pads that we have made. Use Part Numbers as a general reference only. Most pads are 1/4 Inch thick. Other thicknesses can be produced.

Standard design has a blue heavy weight nylon on the wear surface, with a bevel on the outer edge.

Contact Our Sales Office To See Which Materials Are Best For Your Application.


Let Stiles Resurface Your Worn Unscrambler Belts. Ask About Seamless Covers.
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  • 20" OD x 4" ID x 1/4 " Thick
AI-00017-BIN 20" Orienter Pad To Fit NEM® Unscrambler



  • 20" OD x 14" ID x 1/4 " Thick
AI-00020-BIP 20 " Bottle Orienter Pad To Fit NEM® Unscrambler



  • 23" OD x 4" ID x 1/4 " Thick
CB-02419-AIO Bottle Orienter Pad To Fit NEM® Unscrambler