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Label Machine Label Press Pads, & Label  Roll Pads

Parts To Fit:

  • Anchor® Labelers
  • Accraply® Labelers
  • Aesus® Labelers
  • Auto Lab® Labelers
  • Avery® Labelers
  • Cap Matic® / Label Jet® / Label Star®
  • Generic® Labelers
  • Harland® Labelers
  • King® Labelers
  • Koch® Labelers
  • Krones® Labelers
  • Langguth® Labelers
  • LSI® Labelers
  • Meyers® Labelers
  • NJM® Labelers/ CCL®
  • Tronics® Labelers
  • Willett® Labelers
  • Other Labelers

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Labeling Machine Back Up / Roll Pads

Many applications that we make parts for are non-standard from one machine to the next. Labeling is no different. Varied container materials, shapes, and operating speeds require varied contact materials.

We stock materials from around the world to make our pads, belts, and other parts from.

Our shop can add bevels, contours and release or protective coatings.

Layered construction can provide a thin layer of outer contact material bonded to a different base material or different hardness. The base material may provide the desired deflection or cushioning but may not give the right amount of grip, wear out too quickly, or not be resistant to other elements, such as chemicals, in the operating environment. Back up pads, pressure rollers, and hold down belts are situations where we have layered different materials.

Pads can be bonded to back up plates, have peel off pressure sensitive adhesive or have hook and loop fabric applied for convenient attachment.

Consider Stiles as you source for back-up pads on your imported labeling equipment.

Label Pad Drawings

Below is a small sampling of some of the types of label press pads that we have made. Use Part Numbers as a general reference only. Your Pad may look the same, but dimensions and materials may differ slightly from your application.

Part numbers followed by a "-R" indicate resurfacing of customer supplied base plates.

Product Care
Let Stiles Resurface Your Worn Label Belts, Pads, And Rollers
Wrap Belts • Pressure Rollers • Feed Rollers • Glue Rollers • Vacuum Cups • Label Roll Pads • Hold Down Belts

Drawing Per Specification


  • Layered Label Press Pad With Reinforced Release Surface
AG-02807-BMO Labeling Press Pad

Drawing Per Specification


  • Resurfaced Custom Contoured Label Press Pad
AG-03025-AOD-R Recover Labeling Press Pad

Drawing LP3


  • Orange Pad Beveled On (2) ends
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Applied To Back
AG-11357-AFC Beveled Labeling Roll Pad

Drawing LP3


  • Recovered Plate
AG-11903-AKJ-R Recovered Labeling Back Up Pad

Drawing LP3


  • Recovered Plate
AG-12118-AMO-R Resurfaced Labeling  Backup Pad

Drawing LP1


  • Recovered Plate
AG-12150-AHM-R Resurfaced Labeling Backup Plate

Drawing LP1


  • Recovered Plate
AG-12598-ABH-R Resurfaced Labeling Backup Pad

Drawing Per Specification


  • Recovered Plate
AG-12830-ACL-R Resurfaced Labeling Press Pad

Drawing LP3


  • Recovered Plate
AG-13101-AHL-R Resurfaced Labeling Backup Plate