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Blades for form fill and seal vertical baggers • pouch equipment • shrink wrappers • overwrappers • rollstock • vacuum packaging • tape sealing • flow wrapping including zig zag, smooth and diagonal cut


Form Fill Seal Bagger Cutting Blades

Applications: Parts To Fit Form Fill Seal Equipment manufactured by:

  • Bosch®
  • EaglePack®
  • Fuji®
  • Hayssen®
  • Ishida®
  • Matrix®
  • Package Machinery®
  • Pacmac®
  • Ricciarelli®
  • Rovema®
  • Sandiacre®
  • Ilapak®
  • Simionato®
  • TNA®
  • Triangle®
  • Kliklok-Woodman®
  • Others

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Bagger Blades

Blades purchased from Stiles are of the highest quality manufactured by companies with over 100 years of experience. We've heard complaints about cheaper blades or mismatched blades performing poorly in industry. Every aspect of the blades we sell assures us that you will be pleased with the performance of our product. State of the art bending, cutting and grinding equipment produce straight and circular blades with scalloped, serrated, perfed, beveled and toothed edges to match your applications.

Please consider Stiles for all of your blade requirements for all of your packaging equipment.

Below is a sampling of case taper blades which we have supplied.

Cutting Blades to fit: Hayssen® • Bosch® • Tetra Laval® • Rovema® • Cryovac® • Triangle®

Warranties Form Fill Seal Blades Literature
Call Stiles For Replacement Bagger BeltsBagger BladesPTFE Tape
Stiles Part No Description Picture Of Blade On 1 Inch Grid


12-1/2 inch Blade

Replaces Hayssen® #10137A0437

  DD-14250-BQE Bagger Blade Replaces Hayssen® #10137A0437


17-1/2 inch Blade

Replaces Hayssen® #10137A0405

DD-14251-BQE Bagger Blade Replaces Hayssen® #10137A0405


19-1/2 inch Blade

Replaces Hayssen® #10137A0430

DD-14252-BQE Bagger Blade Replaces Hayssen® #10137A0430

16.34 inch Blade

Replaces Cryovac® #PV01S0004

DD-14253-BQE Bagger Cutting Blade Replaces Cryovac® #PV01S0004

15.67 inch Blade

Replaces Tetra Laval® #3000077269

DD-14254-BQE Bagger Cutting Blade Replaces Tetra Laval® #3000077269

10.24 inch Blade

Replaces Bosch® #8101804135

DD-14255-BQE Bagger Cutting Blade Replaces Bosch® #8101804135

6.22 inch Blade

Replaces Rovema® #2.0773.0011

DD-14256-BQE Bagger Cutting Blade Replaces Rovema® #2.0773.0011

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