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Stiles Originated the Fabric Wrapped Sponge Covered Unscrambler Belts. We Improved the Design with Our Seamless Wrapped Covers.

Fabric Edge Wrapped Sponge Covers

Slip Paw™ Fabric Edge Wrapped Sponge Covers

  • Unscrambler Belts
  • Seamless Covers Eliminate Splice Failure
  • Provides Slip Surface For Bottle Jams
  • Protects Against Sponge Particulation
  • Non-Scuff surface
  • Labeler Belts
Solid Rubber Covered Belts

Solid Rubber Covered Belts

  • Large inventory of seamless covered belts on stock
  • Stocked For Common Packaging Machinery
  • Extruder Draw Belts
Sponge And Combination Covered Belts

Sponge and combination Covered belts

  • Large Inventory Of Available Cover Materials
  • Fabric Surface for Non-Scuff
  • applications: Labeling ♦ Assembly ♦ Conveying
Custom Cover Grinding

Custom Profiling

  • Custom Surface Grooves ♦ Tapers ♦ Profiles ♦ Cleats♦ Edge Insets
  • Holes
Solid Rubber Material

Solid (Dense) Rubber Sheet Material For Extra Belt Covering: Spliced

Cellular Rubber Belt Rubber Materials

Cellular Rubber Sheet Material For Extra Belt Covering: Spliced

  • Seamless Covers Available
  • Fabric Surfaced And Plain
Labeler Belts

Labeler Belts

  • Label Wrap Belts
  • Hold Down Belts
  • In feed And Discharge
Capper Belts

Capper Belts

  • Large Inventory Of Seamless Covered Belts
  • Covered Timing, Flat, V-Guide, Vee And Other Belts
  • variety Of Materials To Match Bottle Type
  • Cover Insets, Profiles, Tapers, And Cross Cuts
  • Cap Tightening Belts To Fit White Cap® ♦ Inline Filling® ♦ Anchor Hocking®

Bagger Belts

  • Available For All Form Fill Seal Equipment
  • Vacuum And Plain
Case Taper Belts

Cover Splices

  • Fabricated Belt Top Padding Splices