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Habasit® Urethane Round Belts

Habasit Polycord

  • Non-Reinforced
  • Open Coil
  • Spliced Length
  • Green Textured Surface
  • Splicing Tools Available
  • O-Ring Belts
Habiblue® Food Round Belts

Habiblue® Blue FDA Food Contact Approved Round Belts:

  • excellent chemical and hydrolysis resistance
  • high wear properties
  • Bakery
  • Meat Processing And Packaging
  • Cheese Processing And Packaging
Non-Reinforced Urethane Round Belts

Non-Reinforced Urethane Round Belts:

  • Non-Reinforced
  • Open Coil
  • Spliced Length
  • Smooth (Orange, Clear, Blue)
  • Textured Green Surface
  • Splicing Tools Available
  • O-Ring Belts
Reinforced Urethane Round Belts

Reinforced Urethane Round Belts:

  • Open Coil
  • Spliced Length
  • Smooth Surface: Textured Surface: Green
  • Splicing Tools Available
  • O-Ring Belts
  • Also See Can Cables
Can Cables

Reinforced Thermoplastic Can Cables

  • Polyester Or Steel Reinforced Polyester
  • Outlasts Steel Cable
  • Outperforms Other Nylon/Steel Plastic Cable
  • Resistant to: Rust, Moisture, Stretch
  • Compared To Steel Cable: Reduces Noise and Lighter Weight Saves Energy
Twisted O-Ring Belts / Quick Connect Round Belts

Quick Connect Urethane Belt

  • Easily Installed Without Dismantling Drive Shafts
  • Plastic Or Metal Hook / Connectors Join Ends To Make Endless Belts
  • for Live Roller Conveyors
  • No Splicing Equipment Required
Urethane O-Ring Belts For Live Roller Conveyors

Urethane O-ring Belts

  • Replacement O-rings for line shaft, live roller conveyors and light-duty transfer conveyors.
Quick Connect Urethane Round Belts

Round Hollow Quick Connect Urethane Belts

  • Belt Replacement with minimal down time
  • No Splicing Equipment Required