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We Are A Habasit Belting Distributor
Machine Tapes

Machine Tapes ♦ Spindle Tapes

  • Hamid, polyamide and polyurethane machine tapes are manufactured with abrasion-resistant NBR covers or other application-oriented surface materials
Vacuum Cups

Vacuum Cups

  • Silicone ♦ Rubber ♦ Vinyl ♦ Urethane cups
  • For Packaging ♦ paper handling ♦ baking ♦ Automation
Teflon Tape

Tapes: PTFE ♦ Silicone ♦ Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) ♦ Fiberglass ♦ Polyimide

  • PTFE coated woven fiberglass fabric
  • pure unsupported virgin PTFE film
  • silicone adhesive for high temperature applications
  • acrylic adhesive for stronger bonding at lower temperatures
Drive Belts

Drive Belts

  • Urethane Round And profile belts
  • Timing Belts
  • V-Belts
  • Multi Rib and banded belts
  • Hard to find belts
Elastic Flat Belting

Stretch Belts

  • For use in applications with limited or no take-ups
  • Belting
Solid Rubber Covered Belts

Solid Rubber Covered Belts

  • For Pitney Bowes® And Other Equipment
  • Top Covered Timing Belts
  • Top Covered Flat Belts