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Bottle Unscrambler Parts

Parts To Fit:

  • NEM® Bottle Unscramblers
  • Kaps-All® Bottle Unscramblers
  • Other Unscramblers

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Bottle Unscrambler / Orienter Wheels and Miscellaneous Parts

In order to get to the point where bottles have been oriented into a position for filling labeling, or capping, they get to take a roller coaster ride which starts where they are dumped together without ceremony into a hopper which is the staging area for the ride. Stiles provides the elevator belts and modular chain which delivers them to channels and chutes where they are pushed, tripped, grabbed and guided until they are in the proper position. Many of these machines use our orienter pads, fabric wrapped unscrambler belts, solid rubber padded belts and chain to keep things moving along.

In addition to those items, rubber wheels, molded rubber parts and fabricated rubber parts do the pushing, pulling, and guiding of the bottles. Stiles supplies these parts. When noise is a problem, noise abatement sheet stock is provided to line collection bowls.


Below is a small sampling of some of the wheels and other parts that we have supplied.

Use Part Numbers as a general reference only. Your part may look the same, but dimensions and materials may differ slightly from your application. Your Part May Require a 1X Setup / Engineering Charge.

Let Stiles Resurface Your Worn Unscrambler Belts. Ask About Seamless Covers.
Slip Paw™ Unscrambler Wrapped Belts • Orienter Pads • Elevator Belts • Linatex Surfaced Belts • Rubber Wheels • Table Top Chain



  • Gripper Ring 3.25" OD x 1-1/2"ID x 1" Face
  • Fits: NEM®
AI-00100-AAC Unscrambler Gripper Ring Fits: NEM®



  • Replacement Discharge Flapper Wheel Inserts
  • 7.5" Long x 1.5 Wide x .373 Thick With 2 sides Grooved Along Length
  • Fits: Kaps-All® Unscramblers
AI-03048-AJR Unscrambler Discharge Flapper Wheel Insert



  • Replacement Discharge Flapper Wheel Inserts
  • 1/8" Thick x 52" Long x 1-1/2" Wide Wit Holes
  • Fits:NEM® Unscramblers
AI-10159 Replacement Discharge Flapper Wheel Insert Strips



  • Bottle Holder Insert
  • 25 mm OD x 18.5 mm H x 22 mm Taper ID
  • Fits: Kalish®
AI-10336-AGG Bottle Holder Insert Fits: Kalish®



  • 2" OD X 1.2" ID X .748" HIGH With ID Stepped To 1"
  • Fits: Kalish®
AI-11525-AAF Bottle Holder Insert Fits: Kalish®



  • Feed Air Tire 3" OD x 1.14" W x .75" ID
  • Replaces NEM® #034-0003
AI-02712-ALV Unscrambler 3" OD Tire To  Replaces NEM® #034-0003



  • Bottle Rotation Cam - Rubber Ends Resurfaced
Resurfaced Rubber Bottle Rotation Cam



  • 1" x 1" Neoprene Sponge Strip
TB-12075-ABU !" x 1" Neoprene Spronge Strip


♦ Call Stiles For all Of Your Unscrambler Belts, Slat Chain, Elevator Modular Belting, Rollers, Fabric Wrapped Orienter Pads And Other Rubber Related Parts