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Capper Torque Belts

Capper Change Parts To Fit:

  • Resina® Cappers
  • Kaps-All® Cappers
  • White Cap® Cappers
  • Pack West® Cappers
  • IMA® Cappers, MAR® Cappers
  • Sure Cap® Cappers
  • National Insrument® Cappers
  • Filamatic® Cappers
  • N.E.M® Cappers
  • Pneumatic Scale® Cappers
  • ELF® Cappers
  • Inline® Cappers
  • Newman® Cappers
  • Kinsley® Cappers
  • Kalish® Cappers
  • CAPEM® Cappers
  • Other Cappers

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Bottle Capper Cap Tightening Belts

These belts are used to tighten or snap down caps on containers. Normally we think of the belts on a capper for holding or transporting the bottles.

Belts can be either top belts or side belts. They are exposed to much greater stress and abrasion than side bottle gripper belts. Some, such as those found on White Cap® cappers, are subjected to steam. Conventional belt selections don't perform as well under these conditions. We have had success finding materials which are either more durable or with better grip.

Below is a small sampling of some of the types of capper belts that we provide. Use Part Numbers as a general reference only. Your belt may look the same, but dimensions and materials may differ slightly from your application.

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  • Replace 20R311 45 Inch x 1.813 Inch Wide (1143mm x 44mm)
  • High Grip Compound
  • Fits: White Cap® Capper
AB-00901-AJV Turn Down  Belt To Fit White Cap® Cappers



  • Replace 20R311 45 Inch x 1.813 Inch Wide (1143mm x 44mm)
  • Standard Compound
  • Fits: White Cap® Capper
AB-00901-ASE Turn Down  Belt To Fit White Cap® Cappers



  • Replaces 833504-2
  • 24 Inch x 1 Inch Wide x 3/4 Thick
  • Fits: Resina® Fitman
AC-02663-ACT Belt Fits Resina® Fitman



  • 225L075 With 1/4 Inch Thick Seamless Cover
  • Fits: Inline Filling Equipment® Cappers
MD-10326-AVQ Torque Belt For Inline Filling Equipment® Capper



  • 425-5m/16 belt Covered with White 3.17mm Thick
  • Fits: NJM / CCL® Cappers
ND-13718-AVQ Belt Fits NJM / CCL Cappers



  • 36 Inch x 3.313 Wide Belt with O Notched V-Guide
  • For Snap Down Cap
OD-03101-APK Capper Snap Down Belt