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PTFE Glass Heat Tunnel  Mesh Belting

High Temperature PTFE Fiberglass Mesh And Smooth Belts

  • Temperature
  • Release
  • Drainage
  • Cooling
  • Brown And Black UV Treated
Silicone / Glass Heat Tunnel Belting

High Temperature Silicone / Fiberglass Belting

  • Heat Tunnels
  • Cooling Applications
  • Silk Screen Belts
  • Tortilla Belts
PTFE Glass Glass Smooth Belting

High Temperature PTFE / Fiberglass Smooth Belts

  • Temperature
  • Release
  • Cooling
Open Mesh Polyester Belting

Open Mesh Polyester Belts

  • Conveyor / process belt in take off and drying ovens
  • Print work
  • Food processing (USFDA approval)
  • Resists most acids and organic solvents
  • Temperature Dry: +150°C to -75°C
  • Temperature Wet: 70°C+ (hydrolysis in hot, humid conditions, typically in the presence of steam)