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Extruded PTFE Tapes are the toughest and strongest pure PTFE tapes distributed by Stiles.

These tapes are manufactured by applying a silicone adhesive* to an extruded PTFE film and are widely used for roll protection in high speed, high temperature flat die extrusion applications. Pure PTFE film tapes, such as these, exhibit the best chemical, fire and weathering resistance and are the toughest PTFE film tape we distribute. Extruded tapes are commonly used to insulate coils and transformers because of their exceptionally high dielectric and tensile strengths, and low elongation.

* Acrylic adhesive is available upon special request. With elongation of 100%, these tapes are similar to the Skived PTFE Tapes, but are more dense and stronger. These tapes exhibit high dielectric and tensile strength, good abrasion resistance and provide an excellent surface when the dimensional stability and pressure resistance of coated fabric is not required.

Extruded PTFE Tapes have received USDA approval for food processing and handling, are FDA compliant (21 CFR177.1550), and are suitable for applications with operating temperatures ranging from -100°F to 500°F (-73°C to 260°C).

Printing and Textiles :

  • Non-stick roll coverings
  • Angle bars-graphic arts industry
  • Pulp and Paper:

  • Non-stick roll coverings
  • Flat die extrusion applications
  • Electrical:

  • Electrical insulation
  • Wire harnessing
  • Aircraft wiring
  • Cable wrap, insulation, liners
        and roller wrap

  • Other Applications:

  • Mold release medium
  • Guide rails
  • Warranties Extruded PTFE Tape  
    Applicable Splicing And Lacing OptionsPTFE TapePTFE Smooth Belts • PTFE Mesh Belts
    Material     Nominal Thickness Nominal Thickness  Adhesion Tensile Strength Elongation Maximum Operating Full Width Slit Roll Lengths
    Suffix Picture Adhesive  (Substrate) (Adhesive) (oz./in. of width) (lbs/sq in) (%) Temperature inch yards
    CAS   Silicone 0.002" 0.0015" 30 30 100 500°F (260°C) 18 36
    CAT   Silicone 0.005" 0.0015" 40 75 100 500°F (260°C) 18 36


    The Manufacturer measures tensile strength according to ASTM D828 and adhesion according to D 3654/D 3654M. The figures above are averages and actual results will vary.

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