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Polyimide (Kapton®) Tapes provide the greatest dielectric strength of any product in Stiles' distributed line of tapes.

These tapes are manufactured by applying a high-temperature silicone or acrylic adhesive to a polyimide film. Because of their unique properties, these Polyimide Tapes are ideal for use as electrical insulation in the aerospace and electronics industries. By adding an adhesive to one side, the need for mechanical fastening is eliminated. Polyimide Tapes possess a thin, strong film which has excellent dielectric strength, chemical and moisture resistance, excellent tensile strength and modulus and weathering capabilities.

These tapes, because of their coating of Kapton® film; offer a combination of properties, which make it ideal for electrical uses. These properties are maintained over a wide temperature range and used in field applications where the environmental temperatures as low as -269°.

Electrical and Electronics :

  • Splicing tapes on insulated wire
  • Reinforcing tape for wire breakouts in wire bundles
  • Masking tape to protect PC board edges  through wave soldering
  • Mask off gold fingers for circuit board
       printing, wave soldering and
       cable bundling
  • Formed coil insulation
  • Substrates for flexible printed circuits
  • Motor slot liners

  • Magnet wire insulation
  • Transformer and capacitor insulation
  • Magnetic and pressure-sensitive tapes and tubing
  • Electrical insulation for wire, cable and other electronic equipment
  • Other Applications:

  • Insulation tapes for extreme temperature applications
  • Inherently flame retardant

  • Warranties Polyimide (Kapton®) Tape Literature
    Applicable Splicing And Lacing OptionsPTFE TapePTFE Smooth Belts • PTFE Mesh Belts
    Material       Nominal Thickness Nominal Thickness  Adhesion Tensile Strength Elongation Dielectric Maximum Operating
    Suffix Picture Substrate Adhesive  (Substrate) (Adhesive) (oz./in. of width) (lbs/sq in) (%) Strength (Volts) Temperature
    CBF Polyimide Silicone 0.001" 0.0015" 25 30 40 9000 500
    CBG Polyimide Silicone 0.002" 0.0015" 25 60 45 13,000 500
    CBH Polyimide Silicone 0.005" 0.0015" 25 125 50 18,000 500
    CBI Polyimide Acrylic 0.001" 0.0015" 25 30 40 9000 500
    CBJ Polyimide Acrylic 0.002" 0.0015" 25 60 45 13,000 500
    CBK Polyimide Acrylic 0.005" 0.0015" 25 125 50 18,000 500


    The above tensile values are from Table 6 of Specification D579 and actual tensile values will vary. The manufacturer tests tensile strength to ASTM D828 and actual tensile values will be provided upon request.

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