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Habiblue® food-approved TPU round belts are ideal for conveying and processing where there is direct contact with foodstuffs. They provide excellent chemical and hydrolysis resistance, and high wear properties.

TPU round belts can be made endless directly on the machine by welding the ends. This allows easy installation and maintenance, with minimum downtimes.

Applications Include:
  • Bakery Applications
  • Meat Processing And Packaging
  • Cheese Processing And Packaging
  • Warranties Habiblue® Food Approved Round Belts Literature
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    Product code Click Pic For Detail Dia. [mm] Pulley Dia. (minimum) [mm] Tensile force for 8% elongation (k8% static) [N] Material (1) Traction Layer (2) Surface structure  Color
    Habiblue 3 FDA 3 mm Dia FDA Round Belt 3 30 13  (TPU)  (TPU) Matt Cobalt blue
    Habiblue 4 FDA 4 mm Diameter FDA Round Belt 4 40 23  (TPU)  (TPU) Matt Cobalt blue
    Habiblue 5 FDA 5 mm Diameter FDA Round Belt 5 50 35  (TPU)  (TPU) Matt Cobalt blue
    Habiblue 6 FDA 6 mm FDA Round Belt 6 60 51  (TPU)  (TPU) Matt Cobalt blue
    Habiblue 8 FDA 8 mm Diameter FDA Round Belt 8 80 91  (TPU)  (TPU) Matt Cobalt blue
    Habiblue 10 FDA 10 mm Diameter FDA Round Belt 10 100 142  (TPU)  (TPU) Matt Cobalt blue
    Habiblue 12 FDA 12 mm Diameter FDA Round Belt 12 120 204  (TPU)  (TPU) Matt Cobalt blue

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