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Since 1934 Stiles Has Built A Reputation In Rubber And Belting Products. Our Specialty Is Packaging Machinery Parts. Our Service To The Elevator Industry Dates Back To The 1940s.
Packaging Replacement Parts

Packaging Machinery aftermarket replacement parts

  • Rubber Change Parts
  • Belting
  • Table Top ♦ Conveyor Chain
  • Plastic Modular Belting
  • Seals ♦ Gaskets
  • Rollers
  • Vacuum Cups
  • Case Taper Blades
  • Form Fill Seal Blades
Fabricated / Top Covered Belting

Fabricated Belting ♦ Rubber Covered Belts

  • Seamless Unscrambler Cloth wrapped belts
  • Capping Equipment Belts ♦ Labeling Belts ♦ Bagger Belts ♦ Filling Equipment Belts
  • Custom profiles
  • solid and sponge rubber covers
  • cleats ♦ guides ♦ edgewall
Table Top And Conveyor Chain

Table Top ♦ Conveyor Chain

  • Slat Chain
  • Gripper Rubbers
  • Roller Surface
  • Drive Components
Plastic Modular Belting

Plastic Modular Belting

  • Straight ♦ Radius ♦ Spiral
  • Drive Components
Drive Belts

Drive Belts

  • Urethane profile belts
  • Fatex® and other Round Belts
  • Timing Belts
  • V-Belts
  • Multi Rib and banded belts
  • Hard to find belts
Flat / Conveyoy Belting

Conveyor ♦ flat belting

  • food grade
  • general purpose
  • rough top
  • with cleats ♦ edgewalls ♦ guides
  • perforating
Cutting Blades

Cutting Blades

  • Case Taper Blades
  • Vertical Bagger Blades
  • A.K. Robins Pickle Slicer Blades And Holders
Vacuum Cups

Vacuum Cups

  • Silicone ♦ Rubber ♦ Vinyl ♦ Urethane Vacuum cups
  • For Packaging ♦ paper handling ♦ baking ♦ Automation
Seals And Gaskets

seals and gaskets

  • Custom Seals per Customer specification
  • Pharmaceutical Tablet Punch Seals
Custom Extruded Rubber Shapes and Seals

Extruded Rubber Shapes And Seals

  • Solid and Cellular Extrusions
  • Custom Shape Rubber Extrusions
  • Elevator Door Astragals
  • Continuous or cut length extrusions
Equipment Anti-Vibration Mounts

Equipment Mountings

  • Anti-Vibration Rubber Pads
  • Generator Foot® Compressor and Heavy Equipment Mounts
Packaging Equipment Rollers


  • Special application rollers
  • solid rubber surfaced rollers
  • sponge rubber rollers
  • Coated foam rollers
  • brush rollers
Elevator Rubber Parts

Elevator ♦ Escalator Parts

  • Anti-Vibration isolation Pads
  • Rubber Bushings
  • Molded Rubber Parts
  • Drive Belts
  • Grommets
  • Table Top Chain
Generator Set Vibration Mounts

Generator Set Parts

  • Generator Foot© Equipment Mounts
  • Rubber Anti-Vibration Mounting Pads
  • Drive Belts
Custom Rubber Parts

Custom Rubber Parts

  • To your specification
  • Molded ♦ Extruded ♦ Lathe Cut ♦ Die Cut ♦ Machined
  • Bonded and Fabricated Shapes
Rubber Connector Sleeves

food and pharmaceutical Product Transfer Connector sleeves

  • Connector Sleeves For Powder Processing
  • Pill Press And Pharmaceutical Product Transfer
  • FDA Silicone
  • Translucent
  • Wide Variety Of Other Rubber Materials
  • Custom Per Specification
Sheet Rubber And PTFE Coated Fabric

rubber Materials ♦ Coated Fabric ♦ PTFE, UHMW, Silicone Tape

  • Silicone With Or Without Reinforcement
  • Solid Rubber
  • Cellular Rubber
  • High Temperature PTFE Coated Cloth
  • PSA Backed
  • Stripping
  • Die Cutting
PTFE High Performance Tape Tape

Tapes: PTFE ♦ Silicone ♦ Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) ♦ Fiberglass ♦ Polyimide

  • For heat sealing surface on: L Bar, Impulse and Bag Sealers
  • Guide rails and chute linings
  • Non-stick roll coverings
  • Available with a silicone adhesive for stronger bonding at lower temperatures