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Skived PTFE Film Tapes are the most conformable and have the highest elongation of any PTFE tape produced by AFC.

These tapes are manufactured by applying a silicone adhesive* to a skived PTFE film and are excellent for use in applications where stretch or conformity is desired. Pure PTFE film tapes, such as these, exhibit the best chemical, fire and weathering resistance of any tape in this series. In addition, these tapes have exceptional electrical properties and are ideal for wire and cable insulation and protection.

*Acrylic adhesive is available upon special request. Skived PTFE Tapes conform to Mil Spec I-23594C Type I, have received USDA approval for food processing and handling, are FDA compliant (21 CFR177.1550), and are suitable for applications with operating temperatures ranging from -100°F to 500°F (-73°C to 260°C).

Food :

  • Work surface covering
  • Tray liners
  • Chemical Processing:

  • Tank seals and contaminant barriers
  • Gaskets, membranes, seals & diaphragms
  • Corrosion resistant chute, drum, & hopper liners
  • Lining of spray booths
  • Guide rails
  • Pulp and Paper:

  • Non-stick roll coverings
  • Packaging:

  • Heat sealing bars and jaws
  • Electronics:

  • commutator insulation
  • Slot liners, spacers, field /
        armature winding
  • Wire and cable insulation and
  • Printing and Textiles:

  • Non-stick roll coverings
  • Aerospace, Communications & Military:

  • Composite mold release/bonding
  • Vacuum bagging
  • Other Applications:

  • Work surface covering
  • Warranties Skived PTFE Tape  
    Applicable Splicing And Lacing OptionsPTFE TapePTFE Smooth Belts • PTFE Mesh Belts
    Material     Nominal Thickness Nominal Thickness  Adhesion Tensile Strength Elongation Maximum Operating Full Width Slit Roll Lengths
    Suffix Picture Adhesive  (Substrate) (Adhesive) (oz./in. of width) (lbs/sq in) (%) Temperature inch yards
    CAK Acrylic 0.003" 0.0015" 30 18 300 350°F (177°C) 20 36
    CAL Acrylic 0.005" 0.0015" 30 30 300 350°F (177°C) 20 36
    CAM Acrylic 0.010" 0.0015" 35 60 300 350°F (177°C) 20 36
    CAO Silicone 0.003" 0.003" 40 18 300 500°F (260°C) 20 36
    CAP Silicone 0.005" 0.003" 40 30 300 500°F (260°C) 20 36
    CAQ Silicone 0.010" 0.003" 55 60 300 500°F (260°C) 20 36


    All figures provided in the above table are based upon ASTM D 4969-97, the Standard Specification for Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Coated Glass Fabric. The above tensile values are based upon the ASTM D902 test method and are not actual values of AFC's materials. The above tensile values are 80% of the figures provided in Table 6 of specification D579. AFC states that its actual tensile will be greater than the above material specification and that actual tensile values will be provided upon request. AFC measures adhesion according to ASTM D 3654/D 3654M, Standard Test Methods for Shear Adhesion of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes, and actual adhesion values will vary. Edge Tear values are based upon ASTM D1424 (Elmendorf Tearing Test) and are average values that can vary.

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