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Fiberglass Cloth Tapes consist of a tightly woven, high tensile fiberglass cloth coated with a high-temperature silicone or acrylic adhesive.

These tapes posses a high thermal rating, are flame retardant, abrasion and edge-tear resistant, conformable, and provide superior solvent resistance.

DuraStick® Fiberglass Cloth Tapes are an excellent choice for electrical and mechanical applications where chemical resistance properties of PTFE (Fluon®) are not required.

Electrical and Electronics :

  • Coil, component, and cable wrapping
  • Motor lead and internal connections
  • Insulating coil connections and coil ends
  • Anchoring terminal boards
  • Coil outer wraps
  • Holding coil leads
  • Cable harness wrapping
  • Other Applications:

  • Economical thermal spray tape
  • Sealing and enclosing hermetically  packaged components

  • Warranties Fiber Glass Cloth Tape Literature
    Applicable Splicing And Lacing OptionsPTFE TapePTFE Smooth Belts • PTFE Mesh Belts
    Material       Nominal Thickness Adhesion Tensile Strength Dielectric Maximum Operating
    Suffix Picture Substrate Adhesive  (Substrate) (oz./in. of width) (lbs/sq in) Strength (Volts) Temperature
    CAY   Glass-Cloth Silicone 0.007 40 160 4500 500
    CAZ   Glass-Cloth Silicone 0.01 40 175 5000 500
    CBA   Glass-Cloth Acrylic 0.007 40 160 4500 350
    CBB   Glass-Cloth Acrylic 0.01 40 175 5000 350


    The above tensile values are from Table 6 of Specification D579 and actual tensile values will vary. The manufacturer tests tensile strength to ASTM D828 and actual tensile values will be provided upon request.

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