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Stiles Home Page

We have provided several ways to find things within our site.

(3) On every page below the bread crumb trail is a page number in white text. Refer to this number when calling our office to clarify content such as items in pictures.

(4) The drop down page number search is located on the home page below the bread crumb trail. After the page selection is made click on the GO button to the right of the drop down list.

(6) Accessing drop down menus such as the page number search or the sub categories on the gray vertical side menu bar on the left may be blocked by your computers protection software. A pop up may ask if you want permission to enable the applicable script.

Sometimes drop down menus are hard to use when the site is too small to work with. On a PC enlarge with [Ctrl][+] . Return to a smaller image with [Ctrl][-].

(1) The home page can be navigated to by clicking on the Stiles logo in the upper left corner,

(2) or by clicking on HOME located within the bread crumb trail on the far left.

(5) Every page has the upper menu bar which leads to category pages.

(6) The gray vertical side menu bar is shown on most pages and allows a more extensive product drill down for products.

(7) For general searching we have filled pages with pictures of parts and part groups most of which have links to additional information or further drill downs. Click on the pictures to activate the links.

Specific pages can be reached from links on many pages. For this reason it is best to use the browser back arrow to return to the preceding page.

(2) The bread crumb trail is located in the gray bar located below the blue upper menu bar. Use this for locating and returning to broader category drill downs.


Many parts pictured may look the same as parts which you require but may have slightly different dimensions, different material, different hardness, or maybe a design deviation which might not be apparent. Because parts may be made to order, they may not be returnable, or have a restocking charge. Provide as much application information as possible with your initial order for a specific part. Helpful information would include equipment manufacturer, equipment numbers, part numbers, and specifics about the application. If belt measurements are given, list what they represent. (Example: inside length, cut length etc.) If you have questions, ask our sales office.