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Custom made parts which are produced to customer specifications are exempt from return.

It should be noted that we give part numbers to most items ordered by customers for quality control and tracking information. Items with part numbers can be classified as either a standard or custom part. We try to work with customers and accept returns on stocked standard parts when possible.

Our extended variety of product lines require a varied return policy sometimes based on each individual order. Generally we charge a restocking fee if parts are approved for return and are received by Stiles in a new condition within an acceptable time period from the order shipment.

To help avoid potential problems, it is important to:

Unpack and Inspect product when received. Compare your order to what was received to make sure that the product conforms to specified dimensions, material, and other requirements. Examples: (1) A custom ring is ordered at 4.124 Inch Diameter but is received at 4.00 inch Diameter (2) A belt is ordered at 54 Inch length but received at 56 inch Length. (3) A belt is ordered open end but is received spliced endless.

Check for damage or other potential problems and contact Stiles immediately if anything is wrong.

After inspection, store the product in a protective method appropriate to the product.

For general rubber parts, rollers, and belting store parts out of direct sunlight, moisture, and extreme temperatures.

Store parts free of localized stress which may cause the material to dent, crease, crack, or take a set. For belts, especially those with extra padding, hang from a large diameter peg, tube or pulley. Avoid storing sheet material and covered belts where the rigid edges of boxes, racks, or other sheet or belts may dent the product. Too often we have gone into parts rooms and have seen sponge covered label and unscrambler belts thrown into drawers or on shelves laying on top of belts with the edges from the base belts or other parts causing damage to the covers on other belts. Softer materials seem to be more vulnerable to damage than harder materials. This is not limited to sheet material and belting, but also found on other parts such as covered rollers, and capper torque rings.

For shipping, covered belts may arrive in tighter coils than advised for long term storage. For this reason unpack belts upon receipt and follow storage procedures listed above.

Harsh Chemicals Can Damage Or Dry Out Many Materials

Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean rubber parts. Many types of rubber are not resistant to solvents found in the work place which are often used for cleaning. When bonded joints are exposed to these chemicals, the adhesives may break down causing laminates, and joints to fail early.

Notify the Stiles Office as soon as it is determined that a return is desired.

Pack and Return Parts to Stiles Including the Following:

MRA (Material Return Authorization) Number:

Original Purchase order and Stiles Billing Invoice Number:

Your Company Contact with phone, and E-mail Address:

Upon receipt, Stiles will inspect the returned goods, and make a final determination of what if any compensation will credited to the customer.

Remember to be careful when packing items for return. We have had poor packaging by customers damage returned goods, making them unusable and not eligible for any compensation.

If there is a question on how to pack an item for return, please call our office for advice.