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It's my favorite Wally Story.

I tried getting my Grandfather, Walter B. Stiles, to write down his history with Stiles Rubber Co. which preceded the current company. This wasn't as much fun for Pop Pop as retelling even the most boring of stories in such a way that it became an adventure.

Structure was always the same with the insurmountable problem presented by someone of distinction, the grand Wally "can do" speech to a skeptical audience, the triumphant and unbelievable solution, and of course the baffled look by the skeptics midst the confetti parade honoring Wally's achievement.

At about seven I held his hand on my first sales call to Avon Products in Suffern, NY. Influenced by his many stories and seeing how people reacted to him, I was hooked on the idea of following in my grandfather's footsteps.

Previous to starting Stiles Rubber in 1933, Wally handled the over the counter sales for a large rubber company in Connecticut. He started Stiles Rubber with his previous employer's blessing and their discontinued product line of mechanical rubber products, hose, rubber boots and gloves.

The top Wally story was his involvement designing and delivering seals for waterproofing radar units on US ships during World War Two. The time line urgency came from German U-boats which were sinking allied ships at will. In the spirit of the best cloak and dagger paper back novels, there were secret meetings with high ranking officers at unlisted dirt road locations where armed guards unsuccessfully tried to turn him away. He loved to tell stories of informing his suppliers that it was a top secret project and that it was a matter of the highest national interest that his project was given top priority. His eyes would light up as he told of some general arriving at his house by motorcade to thank him personally for the superior job he had provided within an impossible time framework of one week. Thirty years later I was still providing the government with seals which my Grandfather had originally provided.

His company was a major supplier for the elevator industry, with several accounts in the electric lamp industry, and the rest of the business in varied industries.

The Johnny Years

When Wally decided to retire in 1964, my father, John Stiles, quit his job at the time in order to pursue his dream of having his own company. John's mechanical creativity flourished in the company. Not long after taking control of the company, Dad died and left my mother Betty Stiles to run Stiles Rubber Company. She was fortunate to have trustworthy people to help out.

Stiles Enterprises, Inc.

A few years ago, a long time friend came by for some help with some rubber parts needed for a cosmetic company he was working with. When he was introduced to my son, Ken, he pointed out to his wife that Kenny was the fourth generation of Stiles that he had been associated with. When my friend was young he worked in the machine shop at Avon Products in Suffern where my Father and Grandfather would stop by. At the age of 20, I would guide my motorcycle along their path to Avon's door on a regular schedule. He then would lead me through a gauntlet of line supervisors who saw fresh meat to to put through the ringer. It was my favorite stop and also provided the foundation for our involvement in the packaging industry.

After graduating from Rutgers, I started on my journey with the current company.

In the 70's we purchased existing molds and formulas for our vibration pad series which was already a staple of the elevator industry. This product line was expanded to include other mounts. When it was found out that a major Caterpillar® dealer preferred using our pads over spring mounts to isolate generator sets, the line was expanded to include the Generator Foot™ These mounts include studded adaptor plates specified by the Caterpillar® dealer fitted to our pads. These mounts found homes under Caterpillar® , Cummins®, Detroit®, and other well known brands of generator sets.

During the 1980's the company started casting urethane and vinyl parts, fabricating belting, and started redirecting resources toward the packaging market. The fabric wrapped unscrambler belts were developed during this period. Stiles also became a distributor for PVC tubing and became a Habasit® conveyor belting distributor.

Since then we have put every effort into improving our parts and service for our key industries. In addition to the new web site, we are preparing to settle into an expanded new shop area.

This company has evolved thanks to the efforts of great people, past and present. 

If you have had contact with us, then you have probably been helped by long timers John Dubowchik, my son Ken Stiles, or my wife, Louise. 

Check us out on twitter and facebook.

Consistently, our reputation has been protected by our group of innovative machinists, and fabricators who have worked with pride to produce on time products of the highest quality.

We are indebted to our large diverse customer base and our trusted suppliers.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you.

Richard Stiles

President, Stiles Enterprises, Inc.