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3/8 inch thick Ribbed Vibration Pad


  • Elevators
  • Escalators
  • Air Conditioning
  • Compressors
  • Generator Sets
  • Cooling Towers
  • Business Machines
  • Compartment Isolation
  • Fans
  • Grinders
  • Injection Molders
  • Panel Boards
  • Pipe Supports
  • Printing Machinery
  • Processing Equipment
  • pumps
  • rigging
  • shop machines
  • transformers

Ribbed Die Cut ShapesMolded Ribbed Anti Vibration Pads

Stiles Cross-Ribbed pads are primarily used for isolating equipment with operating frequencies above 3600 cycles per minute.  These inexpensive skid resistant anti- vibration mounting surfaces are easily cut to size using shears or a knife.  Stiles can provide custom cut pads, washers, and other shapes.

Keep A Single Sheet In Stock To Provide Ready Vibration Isolation For Many Applications
1 Inch Thick Pads • 1/2 Inch Thick Pads • 3/8 Inch Thick Pads • Generator Foot



  • 28" x 28" x 3/8" Thick
  • 711mm x 711mm x 9.5mm Thick
  • Cross Ribs 2 Sides
  • 55A Dark Gray Neoprene
  • Wt. .7 LBS. (.3 KG)
3/8 Thick Double Ribbed Neoprene Vibration Pad


Custom Cut Parts Per Requirement

Custom Cut Vibration Pads Per Spec.


Please Check Our 1/2 Inch Thick Vibration Pads

1/2 Inch Thick Pads