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Orange Sponge RubberStiles Open Cell Orange Foam series is stocked in varied material compounds, size sheets and shapes to meet our customers requirements.

Full Size Sheets Of The Orange Foam From Inventory Are Not Offered For Sale With The Exception Of Over Stock Situations. Our inventory of the Orange Foam Sheet is used as a component for Stiles fabricated parts including padded belts, and fabricated parts.

AFC and AFE Materials are normally stocked for belt covers and fabricated pads. AFM and AFD Materials are stocked in tubes for fabricating rollers.

Orders from non-stock materials can be very long. Contact Stiles with your requirements with as much advance notice as possible.

This series has unique properties that makes it stand out from other cellular elastomers. We are seeing it as a solution for a growing number of packaging applications such as belt covers, rollers, and specialty fabricated parts.

Heat Resistance:
  • 176° F (80° C)
  • Cold Resistance:
  • -40° F (-40° C)
  • Flame Resistance:
  • Highly Flammable

  • AFMAFM Orange Sponge Compare


    ♦ Due To Wide Manufacturer Tolerances On Color, Cell Size, and Other Properties, Stiles Can Not Guarantee Material Consistency Within Tolerances Applicable To Other Materials.

    ♦ Note That Colors Can Range From A Pale Orange To A Vibrant Red Orange. Also Check The Chart Below For The Tolerance Range In In Cell Count, Density, And Compression Force.

    ♦ The picture to the left is of two separate batch samples from our supplier that meet the same material specifications listed as our
    Example: AFM Material

    Warranties Orange Open Cell Sponge Minimum Pulley Size
    Belt Covering Rollers Fabricated Parts
    Stiles Suffix Picture Material # Cell Structure Cell Count Density Density Compression Force
    Per Inch³ Per CM³ Lbs per Ft³ +-2.5 Kg per CM³ +-40 PSI kN/m²
    AFC AFC Orange Open Cell Sponge 160 Medium
    Flex 2
    410~1065 25~65 7.5~12.5 120~200 .51~1.45 3.5~10
    AFM AFM Orange Open Cell Sponge RG 200 200 Medium
    410~1065 25~65 10~15 160~240 1.45~2.03 10~14
    AFD AFD Orange RG 250 Sponge 250 Fine
    819~4916 50~300 13.1~18.1 210~ 290 2.03~5.08 14~35
    AFE AFE Orange Open Cell Sponge 350 Fine
    Flex 4
    983~4916 60~300 19.4~24.4 310~390 5.22~9.14 36~63


  • Great Abrasion Resistance
  • wide range of densities, and cell sizes
  • varied amounts of resilience

  • Disadvantages:

  • Wide Range of tolerances on all properties including color and cell size
  • Long Delivery On non-stocked items
  • Relatively Difficult to cut and machine cleanly using standard methods


  • Ceramic
  • Packaging

  • Applications:

  • Belt Covers
  • Pressure Rollers
  • Fabricated Parts
  • Cleaning Balls

  • Orange Sponge Tubes Labeling Equipment Orange Sponge Covered Belts Orange Sponge Rollers With Cores Orange Sponge Label machine Back-Up Pads With PSA
    Orange Sponge Tubes Orange Sponge Covered Belts Orange Sponge Rollers Orange Sponge Back-Up Pads With Adhesive Back

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