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N-Line PVC Food Belting


+  Good chemical resistance (including to chlorine)
+  Hydrolysis-resistant (resistant to hot water and steam)
+  UV radiation-resistant
+  Flame-retardant and antistatic versions available
+  Food-compliant versions available
+  Reasonable price
-  Low flexibility at low temperatures
-  Limited abrasion resistance
-  Limited resistance to solvents, oil and grease
-  Migration of plasticizers (except food-grade PVC)
-  Problematic disposal (burning PVC generates hydrochloric acid)

Warranties N-Line PVC Food Belts  
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  Thick Pulley Dia. (Min) Tensile force for 1% elong. (k1% static) Conveying Side (1) Tract. Layer
Pulley Side
Code Click Pic For Detail  mm mm N/mm Material Property Color Number of Fabrics Color Surf Flame Retard Spec Metal Detect OK FDA Specs
NAB-5EEWV 11 NAB-5EEWV 11 N-Line PVC Food Belt 1 20 7 PVC Matt Medium-adhesive White 1 White Yes Yes Yes
NNT-8EEWE 11 NNT-8EEWE 11 N-Line PVC Food Belt 1.6 20 10 Polyester (PET) Fabric Non-adhesive White 2 White Yes Yes Yes

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